Below is a list of incredibly talented musicians, artists and bands that Ray has had the pleasure of working/playing with over the years, whether it be last minute substituting for their regular bass or keys player, recording on their album, assisting with song writing and arranging, rocking out in their music video, on television or even touring with full-time across North America!
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Aaron Pollock - Calgary, AB - country original artist 
Amber Bauer - Vancouver, BC - country original artist
Amber Haydey - Whitecourt, AB - country/blues original artist
Ben Chase - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Billie Vegas - Lethbridge, AB - rock/pop cover band
Bon Jovi Tribute - Lethbridge, AB
Boy & Gurl - Calgary, AB - passion pop original band
Brad Saunders - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Brad Sims - Grande Prairie, AB - original country artist 
Bradly Tucker - Alberta - original country artist
Brandon Lorenzo - Airdrie, AB - original country artist
Brayden King - Calgary, AB - original country artist
Cadillac Junkies - Edmonton, AB - original country band
Carter Harris - High River, AB - country original artist
Chance Tomke - Grande Prairie, AB - original country artist
Christina Rogers - Grande Prairie, AB - original country artist
Cole Bradley - Calgary, AB - country/pop original artist
Dan Arnold - Whiterock, BC - country/rock original artist
Dani-Lynn - Calgary, AB - country/pop original artist
Danny Nix - Calgary, AB - rock original band
Def Leppard Tribute - Lethbridge, AB
Devon Cooper - Innisfail, AB - blues/rock/country original artist
Drew Gregory - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Dylan Gillett - Sylvan Lake, AB - country original artist
Dylan Wallace - Calgary, AB - country original artist
El Mule - Hannah, AB - country original artist
Elise Roller - Calgary, AB - electronic/indie pop/rock original artist
Envy - Calgary, AB - pop/rock/dance cover band
Flint & Feather - original folk duo
For the Wedding - Edmonton, AB - rock original band
Foxx Worthee - Calgary, AB - original country duo
Friends of Otis - Calgary, AB - rock original band
Garrett Gregory - Hanna, AB - original country artist
Greg Albright - Calgary, AB - original country artist
Graeme Havens - Edmonton, AB - original folk/rock/pop artist
High Steppin' Daddy - Calgary, AB - country/western cover band
Hippodrome - Lethbridge, AB - funk/disco cover band
Huge Fakers - Edmonton, AB - rock cover band
Hurtin' - Lethbridge, AB - country/western original band
James Slater - Calgary, AB - folk original artist
Jamie Woodfin - Ponoka, AB - country original artist
Jason Hastie - Calgary, AB - country/rock artist
Jason Parsons - Comox, BC - performance coach
Jay Taylor - Nashville, TN - country original artist
Jaydee Bixby - Alberta - country original artist
Jeremy Dallas - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Jessie Farrell - original country music artist
Jill Hagen - Calgary, AB  - pop/rock original artist
Joelle - Calgary, AB - pop/dance original artist
Jordan Shingoose - Calgary, AB - country artist
Josie Kirkpatrick - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Kajsa Dawn - Calgary, AB - acoustic/folk original artist
Kelsey Plowman - Calgary, AB - pop/rock orignal artist
Lauren Mayell - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Lindsay Ell - Nashville, TN - country original artist
Lyndsay Butler - High River, AB - country original artist
Mandy McMillan - Nashville, TN - country original artist
Mark Irving - Kelowna, BC - folk original artist
Mark Parsons - High River - country original artist
Mariya Stokes - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Martina Dawn - Alberta - country original artist
Matt Blais - Calgary, AB - alternative/blues/rock original artist
Matthew Robinson - Lethbridge, AB - folk original artist
Maureen Murphy - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Melissa Livingstone - Nashville, TN - country original artist
Michela Sheedy - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Naomi Bristow - Ontario - Yodelin' country original artist
Nadia Kazmi - New York, NY - Calgary, AB - rock/soul original artist
Nathan Danser - Lethbridge, AB - aternative rock original artist
Negative Earth - Calgary, AB - industrial/electronic original band
Nakita Kohan - Alberta - singer/songwriter
Noeline Hofmann - Southern Alberta - singer/songwriter
Nolan Compton - P.E.I. - country original artist
Old Man River Band - Lethbridge, AB - country/western cover band
Prosper - Edmonton, AB - hiphop original artist
Robyn Hauck - Calgary, AB - country cover artist
Ryan Lindsay - Camrose, AB - original country artist
Scott Shackell - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Side One - Vancouver, BC - cover/event band
SIGN - Brandon, MB - original rock band
Six West - Calgary, AB - country/pop original band
Smokin' Pistols - Lethbridge, AB - outlaw country original band
Sonal - Calgary, AB - R&B/Soul/Pop original artist
Sykamore - Calgary, AB - folk/acoustic original artist
Stars from Streetlights - Lethbridge, AB - electronic original band
Sterryoh - Camrose, AB - electronic/funk/soul original artist
Terez Goulet - Calgary, AB - country original artist
The Doll Sisters - Rocky Mountain House - Celtic Americana original band
The Heartwicks - Calgary, AB - rock/blues original band
The Wellington Folk - Calgary, AB - folk/rock band
Tommy Charles - Calgary, AB - Original Country Artist
Trailer Park Queens - Stettler, AB - country cover band
Trevor Christensen - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Trevor Panczak - Lethbridge, AB - country original artist
Trinity Bradshaw - Calgary, AB - country original artist
Two Bit Bandits - Calgary, AB - acoustic rock cover band
University of Calgary Big Band - Calgary, AB - swing band
URBANdivide - Calgary, AB - funk/soul/motown original and cover band
Voltage177 - Calgary, AB - classic rock cover band
Wade Tutt - Higher River, AB - country original artist 


"A rockstar with a professional, positive attitude-Trev Kill from Negative Earth - electronic gravity rock band from Calgary, Alberta

"We couldn't have asked for better bass riffs on our album! Ray far exceeded all my expectations! Not only was he diligent, reliable and easy to collaborate with, but he brought such style, groove, and presents in a way that complimented our sound seamlessly. I feel our songs took on new life and depth having Ray involved. As a drummer and guitar player, I learned that Bass is a paramount element in song writing. A detail that holds more emphasis in my mind now thanks to Ray Banman! Plus, there couldn't be a cooler guy to work with."
- Curtis Hébert from For the Wedding - an original rock band from Edmonton, Alberta. Their album "Pilgrimmage" was released March 13, 2013

"Ray Banman is one of the most professional and versatile musicians I have had the privilege of working with. Over the span of almost twenty years, I have witnessed his talent & style grow into the true performer he is today. Ray is the total package. His blend of passion, professionalism and image make him one of the most sought after freelance musicians in Canada."
- Jason Parsons - a Performance Coach from British Columbia, Canada with 20 years experience in the Canadian music scene

"From articulation and rhythm to dynamics and phrasing, the passion and emotion that Ray plays with is beyond inspiring. He is intuitive and selfless – always serving Music and the musicians around him before ever even thinking of himself, which is probably why he is able to play so many different genres with so many different types of people."
- Austrian Josee from
Stars From Streetlights - an emotronic band originating from Lethbridge, Alberta